The Gramophone “Critic’s Choice” [West German Sinfonia/Brahms: Serenades No. 1 and No. 2]:
“This disc offers superb playing and warm, thoughtful and perceptive performances.  Joeres conducts with great care and affection. … he is particularly skilful in keeping the music alive at quite a slow basic tempo, through the most subtle use of phrasing and pulse.  This new issue is now the best buy.“


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [Recordings with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the West German Sinfonia] : 
“Dirk Joeres’ displays profound insight in these recordings.  He appears astoundingly spontaneous, a vitality which can be experienced almost physically.  With both first rate orchestras, Joeres achieves convincing eloquence in his concept of timing and atmospheric colouring, in the disposition of phrases and the ebb and flow of musical developments.  Spirituality and vitality are in perfect balance: the musical discourse is brought over with intelligence and intensity.”


Fanfare USA [West German Sinfonia/Brahms: Serenade No. 1 and No. 2]:
“Joeres permits the music to flow and ebb in a coherent, expansively developing and changing motion, detailing the inner voices with subtle eloquence.  The sound is broad, clear, with both fullness and bloom – qualities so vital to Joeres’ approach.  Highly recommended.”


BBC Music Magazine, 100 Top CDs [West German Sinfonia/Brahms: Serenades No. 1 and No. 2]:

“An irresistible recording.”


MusicWeb international [Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Schumann: Symphony No. 3]:

“An exultant reading … one of the best recordings.”


Pizzicato, Supersonic Award [Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Schumann: Symphony No. 3]:

“Exemplary “Rhenish” – a reference recording.”


Fono Forum [West German Sinfonia/Schubert: Symphony No. 2]: 
„The vigour with which the Sinfonia already handle the first movement of this early Schubert work does away with any touch of easy-goingness and head-in-the-clouds simplicity: for the modelling of the inner and bass parts, Joeres insists on an accuracy which achieves illuminating and exciting effects.“


Classic CD London [Mozart: Piano Concerto KV 414, Rondo KV 386, Haydn: Piano Concerto D major] :
“These performances are sparkling and well accompanied by the West German Sinfonia directed by Dirk Joeres himself … his own cadenzas are stylish and convincing.”


CD Review London [West German Sinfonia/Bizet: Symphony C major, Saint-Saens. Symphony A major]:
“Dirk Joeres presents a wonderful, technically brilliant production.  A perfect recording of the highest musicality.”


Fanfare USA [West German Sinfonia/Haydn: Symphony No. 80, Schubert: Symphony No. 5]:

“Elegant, witty and graceful performances – a remarkable disc.”